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Back to writing (and not fanfiction!)

The inner ramblings of a would-be writer!

I've been working on the same story for the past five years. It's about magic and wars and love and finding yourself and a whole bunch of other things that sound like nothing but cliches but feel different and unique to me. But I'm writing it, so I guess I might be a wee bit on the biased side. It's kinda cool to see how the story I came up with five years ago has grown and emerged into its own thing. It really did start off as nothing but another forced story of angst and magic and romance with writing as poor as Stephanie Meyer. But I really feel like I've grown a lot in my writing since then and partially due to writing so many fanfictions over the years. I've read a lot too, which has really made me realize that it is pretty much impossible nowadays to come up with things for your own story that have never been done before. Every time I read a new book or series (or tell my avid reader twin about mine), I find it has things in common with my own story. Or I'm told about how certain aspects of the world I've created have been done or are similar to other books. I used to find that very frustrating and I think that I was so stuck on the idea of creating something new that I backed myself into a corner.

I'm letting things flow more now. I have five lead characters and for awhile there, they were pretty much the same character if not stereotypical archetypes. Pretty much all of them have come into full bloom now, right down to the supporting characters. Everyone has their own story to tell and it's so cool to see in my head how all of their stories are starting to connect.

I've also been focusing on one character at a time lately, which really helps. Like I said, there are five main characters and they are all related as such: Terrena is the oldest at 24, with her sister Rhaya at 19 and their cousins Isauria (20), Zelene (17), and Ariana (17). Zelene and Ariana are fraternal twins and Isauria is their older sister. Lately I've been working on Zelene's story and so far have about 75 pages written. I've got bits and pieces of the other girls' stories written, but so far it is mostly Zelene. A good bit is written for Ariana too, but her character and story have changed so much over the years that it is in for a good tweaking.

I know this probably doesn't make much sense or stand out for most people, but it is sort of a way for me to collect my thoughts and get things off my chest concerning the story. I might post bits and pieces here, mainly dialogue I am uncertain of or scene set ups and if people want to give feedback, that's cool. But I will never post the whole thing on here since, as most writers do, I hope to get published someday.