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Characters in the balance!

Or lack of balance, as is my case. 

You see, I have been working on my story a bit today. The first time in days really since we're on vacation visiting the in laws. But everyone else was doing their own thing today, so I decided to do the same and bust out the story. I've started putting the individual bits together to get a rough chapter outline. I was working on filling in some of the blanks today and just smiled proudly at myself when I finished chapter three. Having written most of Zelene's story already, chapter four has been done. But now I felt so accomplished because I had the first four chapters written! I can sit back and relax knowing that my story is moving forward!

And then I realized that of the 25 pages written of the first four chapters, 12 make up chapter four, Zelene's story. I barely skim the surface of getting to know Terrena, Rhaya, and Isauria. Now, granted, I do plan on letting Zelene and Ariana be the main focus of this first book since more happens to them immediately than the others. But even still, I shouldn't be taking the other three main characters for granted. Zelene's chapter follows her over basically the weekend whereas we only see a day in the others' lives. 

Bottom line, I am finding I have much more work to be done than I thought. :P Back to the drawing (or writing) board!